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"All users of Windows are suckers." - RMS

the world hasn't ended boys — by owner at 11/18/20 (Wed) 00:XX:XX

We're still here! We're still anonymous (I hope)! Keep doing interesting things and try to create a better world.


minor tweaking — by owner at 11/22/19 (Fri) 03:XX:XX

Did some minor tweaking around the site, more coming soon(tm). As a coincidence the first ~200 posts will remain with the name of "anonymous" while any future posts will have a random name. You posters behind the first 200 posts are the backbone of this site. I will think about all of you every time I masturbate. Cheers.

indecent/unnecessary content — by owner at 08/22/19 (Thu) 00:XX:XX

Don't post 3D gore or CP. It's disgusting and not suitable for spearheading privacy. The Internet is vast so get the hell out of my lawn!

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